The pin has about an inch of chain attached at each end which is the part that comes out of the end of the bar. The chain piece has a small o ring that is attached to a larger o ring. The larger o ring is intended to be the point of attachment for the cuffs or other apparatus.

japanese sex dolls While I nowhere near Metis, I never had a problem in years of storing silicone toys touching. The simple explanation: Jelly type toys are a cocktail of various chemicals that need to stay mixed together in order to work, whereas siliconeWhile I nowhere near Metis love dolls, I never had a problem in years of storing silicone toys touching. The simple explanation: Jelly type toys are a cocktail of various chemicals that need to stay mixed together in order to work, whereas silicone toys are a non reactive polymer that is cured in place love dolls, usually by a catalyst, and gets its elastic properties from a similar phenomenon (cross linking) as vulcanized rubber (but the base is much more inert than the latex used for rubber).. japanese sex dolls

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